Agency Partner, We hear agents are struggling to explain to their customers why their homeowner's insurance premiums are going up. We also understand the frustration many agents feel about the state of the industry and its impact. We want to help with both these issues   Our Homeowner’s Academy piece Why Is Florida Homeowners Insurance Going Up can help you better explain premium hikes to policyholders and prospects—and educate them about the dangers of AOB fraud.  

Agents for Change: What You Can Do

There is something you, as an agent, can do about the state’s out-of-control litigation and skyrocketing premium rates. Florida State Senator Jeff Brandes suggests reaching out to your local legislators and demanding action. “If legislators don’t hear from anybody, they think everything’s fine,” Brandes explains in Insurance Journal's two-part series examining the Florida insurance market.​​​​   CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS AND DEMAND ACTION TODAY! Tell them the issues you are seeing in the marketplace and how it has impacted your customers.   Find Your Legislator Here  If you have any questions or concerns, reach a People's Trust Insurance expert at 1-800-500-1818.