Simply a Better Way

It defines who we are and how we aspire to do business

People's Trust considers the agencies we select for appointment to be among the very best in the state of Florida. We take great pride in our high-quality network of Agency Partners, which has helped make us Florida's best-prepared homeowner's insurance company. We are committed to our partners and providing the tools and resources to teach them about our Better Way.

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Our Better Way

People’s Trust has transformed from an innovative startup company to a strong and stable competitive force in Florida. This resource was developed as a guide to help consistently tell our brand story. Please refer to this information when you are describing our unique approach to home insurance and explaining what differentiates us from other insurance companies.

Our Vision

To be the best, most respected and innovative insurance company in Florida.

Our Mission

To be Florida's best home insurance company, delivering the greatest value and simplified recovery experience to our policyholders.

Our Core Values

Our core values are what our brand stands for as its core. They define who we are and how we treat our customers, employees, agents, and stakeholders.



Our policyholders can count on us to deliver on our promises and get them back to pre-loss conditions seamlessly.



We have the physical and fiscal resources to be here for our policyholders when disaster strikes. Through our affiliated contractor, Rapid Response Team, we provide a direct repair model to our policyholders.



We clearly communicate with our policyholders and provide them information and service when they need it while simplifying the recovery process so they can get their lives back to normal.



We are there when our policyholders need us most and treat them the way we would want to be treated – with warmth, empathy, and genuine concern for their well-being.



We simplify the entire customer experience from getting a quote, to choosing coverage and understanding our unique approach – and in the event of a claim, making recovery a seamless, no-hassle experience.

Paradigm Shift

From low-price leader… To a better value

In our past, People's Trust has benefited from being a low-price leader. As pricing became more competitive throughout the state, it's become increasingly more important to un-commoditize the category and create brand differentiators. With almost one-third of the market expressing interest in a model where their insurance company is a full-partner in recovery from damage, we have the opportunity to leverage our "Better Way" and show how it delivers better value, saving homeowners time and money.

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Our Competitive Edge

To maintain our competitive edge, People's Trust will differentiate ourselves in the market, shifting our brand positioning from being price-based to creating a compelling narrative about value through preparation and simplified recovery. "Our Better Way" helps reduce costs, eliminates fraud, and allows us to deliver a better customer experience and pass along savings to policyholders through competitive rates.