We Insure. We Repair. You Relax.

Only People's Trust Insurance offers Florida homeowners a true one-stop claims and restoration services process. Policyholders receive 24/7 emergency mitigation, and our direct repair model means the entire repair process is managed from start to finish for our policyholders, getting their homes back to normal fast.

We Insure. We Repair. You Relax.
Seamless, No-Hassle Claims Recovery

Seamless, No-Hassle Claims Recovery

Seamless, No-Hassle Claims Recovery

In the event of a loss, please urge your policyholders to always call People's Trust first at 877-333-1230. This call sets the recovery process in motion. And, if the home requires emergency mitigation, the Rapid Response Team will be deployed to prevent further damage.

Preferred Contractor Endorsement

Please advise your client regarding the benefits of the Preferred Contractor Endorsement, an integral part of the People’s Trust Insurance Company’s business model.

The Preferred Contractor endorsement provides a 5% reduction in the Non-Hurricane (AOP) portion premium and a 5% reduction in the Hurricane portion premium while gaining immediate access to PTIC’s emergency response team that will take care of the entire loss and whose repairs are guaranteed for 3 years.

By taking advantage of our better way, policyholders get access to 24-hour emergency claims, stress-free Claims Hotline, and a discount on the premium.

In the event of a covered claim, simply report the damage to People’s Trust, and we can call upon our affiliate general contractor, Rapid Response Team, to immediately get any time-sensitive damage under control and professionally coordinate all repairs for the policyholder– saving both time and money.
Emergency water mitigation services 24/7. When time is of the essence, we will deploy the Rapid Response Team right away to prevent further damage, any time of the day or night.

The policyholder gets one-stop claims and restoration services when People’s Trust is allowed to protect the policyholder’s home and family. Through the Rapid Response Team, policyholders receive:

  • No Hassle Negotiations
  • Priority Repair Service
  • Quality Workmanship and Materials
  • 3 Year, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • IICRC Certified Technicians

Explaining the Claims Process

The People’s Trust Better Way approach to claims processing is different than other Florida homeowner’s insurance companies, and ensures the highest level of consistency and quality, while managing costs and keeping premiums for all policyholders affordable.

Call People’s Trust FIRST – 24/7

and we’ll take it from there, day or night.

When disaster strikes and time is of the essence, we will deploy the Rapid Response Team 24/7 for emergency damage mitigation services. The damage will then be assessed to determine the best course of action to get your client’s home back to pre-loss condition as fast as possible. In many cases, People’s Trust Insurance will utilize the Rapid Response Team to coordinate all aspects of the recovery process.