Dear Agency Partner,

We share your concerns in this difficult time and want to assure you of our unwavering commitment to preparedness and supporting both our Agency Partners and our Policyholders.

Given the current situation we are experiencing in connection with the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), we are informing you of the measures taken by People’s Trust Insurance to ensure uncompromised service to all our Agency Partners and Policyholders:

1. We are working on a plan so that we have business continuity in case remote work is necessary at any time.

2. Agency Underwriting will continue business-as-usual, and we will continue to bind policies.

3. Agency Account Manager visits will be conducted virtually using GoToMeeting or traditional phone calls until further notice.

4. Inspections will be conducted as usual. We will monitor this protocol and make the necessary changes as circumstances require.

5. First Notice of Loss and Claims will proceed business-as-usual. Call 877-333- 1230 or email

6. Book rolls will continue as planned – keep them coming!

7. Renewals and cancellations will proceed as usual unless the OIR directs otherwise.

Our goal is to provide Agents and Policyholders with our exceptional level of service and to continue business functions with a seamless workflow.

We hope not to have to execute our Business Continuity Plan and remain dedicated to preparing for any situation. As Ben Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

This communication will be updated as necessary. Sincerely,

Jonathan Hollander
Managing Director Agency Sales
Direct: 561-609-1217
Mobile: 954-232-2624

Tom Gallagher Chief Operating Officer